Isaac Thomas


Backyard 2021 
Digital Montage, C-Print on Aluminium 32’x56’

Backyard 2021 (Displayed on the side of the old “Sin Bin Sports Grill”, Vancouver Canada.) 

All You Can Eat 2022 
Acryllic Panel with Mixed Media 38” x 67”

All You Can Eat (Detail) 2022

Newport Box 2022
Archival Pigment Print on Aluminium 24” x 80”

Apartment Building 2020

Apartment Building (Detail) 2020

Bike Park 2020
C-Print 31” x 60”

Floor Mat 2020
Archival Pigment Print on Aluminiumt 48” x 60”

Tank Top 2019
C-Print 48” x 60”

The Rock 2020
C-Print 24” x 30”

Camp Cleanup 2020

Air Hockey Table 2019
C-Prints and Silver Prints held on Air Hockey Table by Shop Vac

Concrete Objects 2019
Silver Print between Acrylic and Dibond

Plugs 2019 
Silver Print between Acrylic and Dibond 

Canadian Tire 2020
Stiched C-Print

Untitled 2019
C-Print on Dibond on Plywood 40”x53”

Dog Park 2019

Panel with Gray Concrete Blocks (Study) 2019

Reaching for White Bag 2019
C-Prints on Foamboard 

Cards 2018

Man Standing on Turf Balcony 2019

Trimming Grape Leaves 2018

4 Street Pictures 2017
Silver Prints on Aluminium 16”x20”

Boy With Orange Cone 2014  
C-Print on Aluminium 38.5”x 48”

Stilt Walker 2015
Lightbox Transparency 48”x72”

Alleyway Landscapes 2014
Archival Pigment Prints on Fiber Paper